Girl Scouts of America

Some dreams really can come true, and they're not the ones with princes and ponies.

These posters show parents and their daughters that there are still important firsts for women to achieve, running a four minute mile, walking on the moon, even becoming president.

And the achievement badges (and self-confidence) they'll earn from the girl scouts could be the first step.

Your daughter could be the first to walk where very few explorers have before. But before she takes off, help her earn the badge so many girls have worn with pride, the GIRL SCOUT WAY badge.

We'll show her how to shoot for the stars.

America is ready for its first female president. And all she’ll need to run is a little encouragement. 

Help your daughter earn her CELEBRATE COMMUNITY Badge. 

And then watch her make history.

No woman can run a four-minute mile, until one woman becomes the first to do the impossible. It could be your daughter when you help her earn her PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE badge.

After that first step, she’ll outrun every doubt.

The first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will be one tough judge. Your daughter can start off strong with the FAIR PLAY Badge.

And end up calling the shots.

We’ve seen female heros, and female villians, but we’ve never had a female Editor-in-Chief of DC or Marvel Comics. Once she’s earned her COMIC ARTIST Badge, your daughter could go on to give the boys’ club the ole KER-POW!

And make her greatest fantasies come true.