Jane would obviously require a good case, because she'd probably drop her phone a lot while dancing. Now, I'm not saying Jane was not most likely a capitol dancer, but I do think she might be slightly encumbered, trying to text and twirl at once.

Her lock screen, I believe, speaks for itself. For all of us.

When she swipes down, Jane would probably be reminded of her busy, cloudy day, filled with plans to visit friends, and to finally finish Gone Girl. Of course, if she's anything like me, she probably would only see this screen by accident. 

Her home screen, with its colorful tea-themed background, would showcase all the apps that fit and reflect Jane's lifestyle. That is to say, she will have downloaded plenty of social and matchmaking apps (not that any of them work), reading aids and news updates (BBC, Slate, People CelebWatch...), and of course card games, for the bus (or the carriage). 


Jane Austen would most likely only use Siri to ask the deep, philosophical questions that occupy her thoughts. As this screen shows, had she the opportunity to consult such a source, Pride and Prejudice would be quite a different book. 

While writing, she would pull up a low-key Spotify playlist heavy on the Bon Iver. Don't you think Jane Austen would really dig Bon Iver?

Jane would rely heavily on the calendar app, so as to keep up with all the calls, balls, and assemblies taking place in her community. Lord knows, I've read Pride and Prejudice enough times, and I can barely keep all the social obligations straight. And those are fictional!

We know that Jane was a prodigious and attentive letter-writer, especially with her sister, Cassandra. Fortunately, the art of correspondence lives on in the mobile age, with or without emojis!


Speaking of the art of correspondence in the mobile age, Jane Austen would be all over Facebook. Like Miss Bingley on Mr. Darcy. 

Posting girl-power music videos, Jezebel articles (Jay and Bey forever!), and GoodReads reviews, Jane would be that one friend whose timeline is a lifeline. But HRH The Prince Regent, would still not be invited to the tea party. 


With her voracious, detail-obsessed mind, Jane would probably use her phone to madly pin down whatever inspiration she encounters for her miniaturist insights into life. And of course, there might be some hopelessly optimistic wedding-planning, too.

Twitter would be the most obvious avenue in which Jane might wax witty, undeterred by character limits or #drama. However, it is Tinder where she would really shine, filling her virtual dance-card with suitors of all sorts, and happily swiping left on those who can't keep up (that is to say, all of them).