Monty Python Opening Credits

I remember thinking "I'm already laughing so hard, and the movie hasn't even started yet. A great way to launch a lifetime of comedic Anglophilia..."


So, this is certainly a strange idea.

Dare I say, a funny thought?

Basically, it all started with a personal observation while watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail the other day.

(My best personal observations are Monty Python-induced.)

I am not a great laugher. For someone whose career depends largely on wit and class-clownliness, and for a lifelong aficionado of humor and comedic entertainment, I don't think I laugh very much. My greatest memory of really, really good laughter that didn't let up was the first time I saw Holy Grail, during the opening credits (thus, you know, the epiphany-upon-rewatch). I know I've laughed richly since, and God knows I fake-laugh when necessary, smile as much as a upper-middle-class, intelligent white-girl should, and wryly chortle with the best of them, but real laughter isn't terribly commonplace. 

So I'm seeking it out, and writing it down. And ending sentences with prepositions. Even if it's not Monty-Python-Credits-level guffawing, or otherwise overwhelming, I'm going to share it. Because I bet I'm not the only person out there who likes funny but doesn't laugh very much. And we really should. I hear it's the best medicine.