Product Pitch

Lo Loestrin Fe is the birth control pill most prescribed by OB/GYNs, with just the right amount of hormones to help you feel more like yourself while effectively preventing pregnancy. No matter how you’re living your life. So we gave “the Pill” a fresh and friendly personality, and gave it a new name to match. Meet “Lolo.”

ADs: Kari Grundman, Erene Semanderes

CW Collab: Rachel Chapman

@LOLO on the Gram

Sex is a topic people don’t openly discuss, so we’ve all got a lot of questions. Fortunately, Lolo’s got answers, and she’s not afraid to share them. Take your anonymous sex and intimacy questions to @Lolo, and follow to learn everything. 


Get It On (and Beyond)

Because you can have all kinds of sex, you should have all kinds of sex playlists. LOLO will curate multiple Spotify playlists for all close encounters, whether it’s a one-night stand getting “hot in herre,” or a true romance consummating “endless love.” Just be careful not to play the wrong one.