Marmite Spread

Hate is a very strong word.

And yet so many people around the world "hate" Marmite. We think all this hate, be it directed unjustly at a simple yeast spread on your toast, or at a rude man on the Tube, is potentially quite dangerous. 

So let's try not being so dramatic, shall we?

“Hate” gets thrown around a lot these days. I hate my car, I hate that song, I hate the tricky taste of Marmite. But we think such exaggeration is atrocious. A simple “no, thank you” will do.

You don’t really hate Marmite. Honestly, who has the energy, so early in the morning? So if you’d rather have jam, simply pass the jar down the table, and just say no (thank you).

It’s alright to say “no, thank you” when you’re offered Marmite for your morning toast. Really, we understand that it’s an acquired taste that’s not for everyone. No need for hyperbole, we assure you. 

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