Times change and subscriptions shrink, but Rolling Stone will never die.

The legendary magazine is proudly launching a new TV station.

Brand Extension Art Directed by Morgan McDonald

Co-Copywritten by Jameson Rossi

We'll announce the bigger picture in a series of teaser print ads in the magazine, while posters and online video will promote new, original content.

A Day in the Life

Every artist, every song, and every album has a story. This show tells the story of your favorite artists and how they came turned into icons. 

The Lede

Rolling Stone Magazine has always told its readers the hard truths.  Our TV news show will bring the stories that matter to vivid life and color, never shying away from the controversial.


There’s enthusiasm, there’s obsession, and then there’s fandomonium. Check out the craziest fans and how they go to extremes for their favorite artists.