Tech For Campaigns

After the 2016 election, for some mysterious reason, I was overcome with an intense urge to do something. To stop listening to all the pundits on political podcasts, use my skills, and make a difference. That’s when I found Tech For Campaigns. They’re a nonprofit organization that matches tech professionals (like me?) with under-funded, under-staffed, under-the-radar campaigns to help them get out the message, and get out the vote.

Since I can’t share any of this work on this site, here’s some spec work to represent the real work. Plus, a list of the real work (which is available on request). Let me know if you have any questions!


TFC Experience

Unfortunately, I can’t share any of the work I’ve done for TFC publicly. But here’s a list of everything I’ve done (so far):

- Three concurrent text message campaigns, sent out by over 500 volunteers

- Social Media content and strategy for two candidates

- Copy for two campaign websites

- A fundraising email campaign

- And an animated web video explaining “Right to Work” legislation